Solving Printers Common Issues And Problems

Common printer issues and problems are unavoidable. Sometimes it takes a little patience, a few tricks, and just a little maintenance to avoid or solve these common problems. Even if you have the highest quality printer, or how branded it is, you can’t expect that there will be no more problems. A little knowledge about simple troubleshooting will help you minimize printer repair cost.

The below are some of the common printer issues and the troubleshooting guides.

  •    The printer does not print. Check if it is turned on. If it is on, check all the cables if it is properly connected. If the printer is on and the cables are properly connected and still it does not print. Don’t call for a printer repair technician, check if the printer is installed on your laptop or computer. If it is installed and still not printing, that is the time that you call for a printer repair technician.
  •    Paper jams. Slowly open the printer and remove all trapped papers gently. Check the paper feed for any debris that may cause clogging. You may prevent paper jams by means of fanning the paper before you place it in the tray. Keeping paper and printer dry will also help.
  •    Prints are of poor quality or blurred. Check the ink. Make sure that there is a sufficient level of ink and install new ones if it is empty or very low levels. If the ink is sufficient, then check the printer setting. It might be in the economical mode. All you need is to choose the standard mode.

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